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Pink and Orange Flower Arrangement

Get ready to celebrate with this vibrant and festive floral arrangement! The "Fiesta Florals" posy is bursting with pink and orange hues, creating a lively and joyful display. The floral and foliage content includes James Story orchids, pincushion flowers, orange mini gerberas, hot pink roses, red leucadendron, and ivy berry.
The James Story orchids steal the show with their exotic and stunning appearance, the pincushions add a unique and playful touch, whilst the orange mini gerberas and hot pink roses bring pops of color to the arrangement, creating a cheerful and energetic vibe. The red leucadendron adds a bold and fiery element, perfectly complementing the overall fiesta theme.
The flowers are beautifully arranged in a white mini box, creating a compact and stylish look.
This "Fiesta Florals" pink and orange arrangement is perfect for adding a burst of color and energy to any occasion or event. Get ready to fiesta with this stunning arrangement!

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